Golf Scores Counter



v2.3 Released:

  • Handicap 54 support – Up to 3 handicap shots per hole
  • Performance
  • Analytics

Players Page

Adding players:

Press the + button. This will create a new player which will be highlighted in the list. Press the fields at the top to change the Name, Handicap and Gender appropriately then press .

Or, if no player is selected, then just enter the values in the fields at the top and press return.

Updating players:

Select a player from the list. The player details will be copied into the boxes at the top. Update the details at the top as needed.

Including players:

The players in the Players list marked as “On” will appear in the players list on the main page. If you don’t want to keep score for that player for this game, switch them to “Off”. Their details will not be deleted and will be stored for future use.

Deleting players:

Select the player you want to delete and press the delete (x) button.

Note: This will also delete records for their current round or saved games that may be stored.

Courses Page

Adding a course:

To add a course you must enter a course Name and the Tee (e.g. Red, White) and also the Par and Index for all holes. If the Done button is not available this means that either the Name and Tee are not set or the course information is not correct. I.e. one or more of the pars is not set (still zero) and/or not all holes have an index set to a unique value.

E.g. if you give two different holes the same index you will not be able to save the course until you correct this.

Updating a course:

On the Courses page, press the Pencil button.
Updating is as per adding a course.

Deleting a course:

Select the course you want to delete and then press the delete (x) button. Then click OK to confirm.

Main Page

The main page shows the score summary for all players in a scrollable list. Each row begins with up to two (or three if you are playing Handicap 54)  ball symbols showing how many shots the player gets on each hole:

This is followed by the name, par, strokes, Stableford and skins totals.
Beneath the players list is a brief summary of the accumulated skins on the current hole and the overall leader:

Changing players scores:

Scroll the players window until you can see the player you wish to score and press the player to highlight them. 
To change the score click the Strokes buttons:

Or after selecting the player in from the list, press the players row again to increase their score. This feature can be en/disabled from the Settings page. 

Changing hole:

To move between holes press the Hole buttons:

Resetting all scores:

From the main page simply shake and press OK to confirm.

Settings Page

You can choose settings to control the sound when stroke or holes buttons are pressed on the main page.

You can also set whether or not repeat clicking on the player from the main page adds to their score.

You can choose to score Stableford or Net strokes.

You can accumulate drawn holes or not.

You can allow up to 3 handicap shots per hole using Handicap 54. 

Games Page

This page shows all your saved games and the current game. Scroll through the list at the top and select the game you wish to see. The scores will be displayed in the scorecard below.

For each player and for each hole, the two numbers represent:

  • Players shots taken on that hole.
  • The stableford score for that hole.

For each hole, the player with the highest stableford score is highlighted in green.

To see the scorecard in full simply rotate the screen.